念一叨 Nyaggin'


I am Nian'yi Wang (read [ʋɐ̃ŋ˧˦.njɛ̃n˧˩.ji˦]) from southern Beijing, China. This is my personal homepage and blog.

我的爱好 My Hobbies

我有很多爱好:数学、语言学(并非学语言)、城市(主要是交通)规划、摄影、排版、说唱(我是 Stan)、太鼓(街机游戏),等等。

I have plenty of hobbies, e.g.: mathematics, linguistics, urban planning (mostly the traffic part), photography, typography, Hiphop music (I'm a Stan), Taiko (arcade game), etc.

学语言与语言学 Languages & Linguistics


我喜欢接触新的(自然)语言,但是我很不喜欢背单词。 因此我基本上通过听歌、唱歌来学习语言(我的英语就是听 Eminem 发展的)。 我在这个网站上设了一个列表,用来记录我分析过的歌词。 在分析日文歌词时,我喜欢过分地追求汉字表达。 这有助于我学习以及记忆日语单词的词源。

I speak mandarin Chinese and English, and is learning Japanese (not seriously).

I like to get to know more (natural) languages, but I’ve always hated memoizing the vocabularies. Therefore I learn languages mainly through listening to and singing songs (in fact, I learnt English from Eminem in the first place). I set up a list on this website of the lyrics that has been analyzed by myself. When analyzing Japanese lyrics, I like to aggresively replace ka na with kan ji whenever possible. It really helps me figure out the etymology of those Japanese words.


我打小爱好编程,小学五年级就开始自学了 C++,迄今已有十二年编程经验。 初中接触了前端三剑客(HTML、CSS、JS),后来主要在开发静态前端内容(主要是媒体呈现与网页工具)。

我现在在中国传媒大学就读本科三年级,学习游戏开发,游戏引擎最喜欢用 Unity。

我的 GitHub 主页是 @WangNianyi2001

我目前还没毕业,但我想尽早实习积累工作经验。 这里是我的技术简历,欢迎联系(联系方式见下)。

As a Developer

I became a programming hobbyist since I was a kid. At 5th grade in primary school, I started to study C++; it has been 12 years to this day. After entering junior high school, I gradually shifted to static front end stuffs (mainly media presenting & browser-integrated tools).

Currently it's my 3rd year as an undergraduate in Communication University of China. My major is game development and I use Unity the most.

My GitHub homepage is @WangNianyi2001.

Although haven't graduated yet, I'm looking forward to future job opportunities (especially overseas). Here is also my technical resume, welcome to check and contact! (see below)

我的成果 What I've Been Doing

项目 Project 时间 Time 简介 Description
Node 模块 Node Modules
Vector 向量计算。 Vector calculations.
自动约束网络 Automatic Constraint Cluster 创建一组相关联的数学变量所组成的网络,修改其中一个的值,其他的也会联动以满足约束。 Create a network of related mathematical variables, set one\'s value and others\' will all be updated.
Element 轻松操作 DOM 元素。 Handy library for manipulating DOM elements .
CLI 为你的 Node 应用轻松创建命令行界面。 Parse command-line arguments easily in your Node application.
Pentry Nodity 的精神续作,但是是正经的 Node 模块。 Nodity remastered, but it\'s a proper Node module now.
Textgrid 在 Node 里编辑 Praat 的 textgrid 文件。 Manipulate Praat textgrid in Node.
喜鹊调酒单 Alcohol Menu for Pico Bar 2022 秋《数据可视化与视觉艺术》课程作业,本作品实际应用于喜鹊酒吧。 Lecture assignment for 2022 fall data visualization and visual art, this project is actually used in Pico bar.
Nodity 曾经作为我的个人服务器后端的内容展示框架。 A simple backend that I\'ve used to host my website.
Trim 更棒的字符串裁切。 Enhanced string trimming in JavaScript.
元素周期表 Periodic Table 我最喜欢的元素周期表布局 My favorite layout of the periodic table of chemical elements.
Time 时序相关任务的解决方案。 Schedule your time-related tasks properly in JavaScript.
游戏 Games
Unity 工具集 Unity Toolkit 个人 Unity 工具集。 Personal Unity toolkit.
信脉 Post Pulse 2022 网易 Minigame 参赛作品。 Assignment for Netease Minigame 2022.
新宗教 The New Religion 「当防疫成为信条。」@bot按头 jam 作品。 "When fighting against the pandemic became religious."—Assignment for @bot\'s personal game jam.
宇宙の絵 Drawing of the Universe 中国传媒大学游戏系 2022 夏季年度游戏创作大赛作品。 Game mockup for 2022 CUC Summer GJ.
模拟诈骗 Virtual Scam @Victor 和 Vania 的严肃游戏设计课程作品。 A conceptual game mockup for @Victor & Vania\'s game design lecture.
杀死那个漫画家 To Kill a Cartoonist 另一个漫画分镜形式的游戏,但是基于 Unity。 Another storyboard-based game, but remastered with Unity.
Crossant 基于 OpenGL 的平台无关游戏开发框架设计。 A platform-independent game programming interface based on OpenGL.
Bike Ryder 模仿《暴力摩托》的小游戏,基于 Win32。 A game prototype mimicking Road Rash, based on Win32.
NiVz 模仿《太鼓达人》的音游,基于 Win32。 A music game prototype mimicking Taiko no Tatsujin, based on Win32.
Win32 Game Engine 基于 Win32 与 GDI 的 2D 游戏开发框架设计。 A 2D game framework based on Win32 & GDI SDK.
曾记伊人 She Has Been 一个漫画分镜形式的游戏 demo。 A demo of a storyboard-based videogame.
其他 Miscellaneous
CUC Life Hack - 给 CUC 的操蛋生活添几分赛博慰藉。 Trying to make life easier for my CUC fellows.

联系方式 Contact